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3 Month Fat Loss Results: How I Did It


Note: This is a long post but it gives the full tea on everything I did. If you're serious about making a change, take time to read the whole thing...

Every so often I evaluate what I'm doing. It's a personal check-in where I assess what's working, what needs tweaking, and where I can improve.

It's not just for aesthetics. I do this for my health.  

In this recent case of self-assessment, food was an area that needed to be tweaked.

Why? At age 51, I want to continue building muscle, avoid menopause weight gain, and maintain my energy levels and gut health. 

I wasn't necessarily looking to lose weight, but the tweaks I made resulted in 8 pounds down. 

Here's The Full Explanation On How...

Processed Foods Matter (in a bad way): Take this example -- a 900 calorie plate of steak, baked sweet potato and buttery steam vegetables versus 900 calories of processed food won't do the same thing for your body. 

A calorie isn't just a calorie. Quality food matters. 

Processed food gives you a refined carb overload and sugar rush, triggers gut issues (bloating and bathroom problems), makes your skin look bad, and you'll be hungry again in 30 minutes. Yet a healthy plate of food gives good protein, quality carbs and fiber, and you'll be satiated for hours.

It will mostly definitely support your weight loss goals, but constantly consuming processed foods every day will make you gain a bunch of weight or at least keep you from losing it.

I realized I was letting a bit too much processed food weasel into my diet. So, I made a tweak, aiming for about 95% of my food to be free from processing and refined sugars, compared to my earlier rule of 80-85%.

I Increased Protein And Didn't Slack On Collagen: I centered my meals around lean protein and steered clear of bloaty carbs like rice and white bread. Fast food didn't stand a chance—I had none of that. Even if my family insisted on ordering takeout, I stuck to my guns and prepared a homemade plate of food for myself. 

As for collagen, my shrinking stomach didn't leave my belly looking like a wrinkly, deflated balloon.

Collagen provides key support for my skin's elasticity, which is exactly what I need, especially considering my age and the toll of four kids, including those three c-sections!

This is the collagen I use. It contains great protein as well. If you want to buy it, use code 'Josie15' for a discount. 

I Kept Up My Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle for me. When I added in my food tweaks, my fasting window got longer and my eating window got shorter.

It was quite the accident. But why?

In general, I'm not as hungry as before. Better quality food keeps me full longer. Tweaking my food also served to detox me from a few bad cravings I felt creeping up. 

I also hydrate adequately. It's one of the easiest things you can do for your fitness. I refuse to be dehydrated. Are you with me on that?

Want to learn all about fasting? This is my Intermittent Fasting Guide 

Does This Mean I Ate Perfectly?

No. I don't ever want to eat perfectly. I find joy in my splurges and not afraid to admit that it is, indeed, a comfort. My splurge meals consisted of a few restaurants outings, complete with adult beverages, and some occasional weekend desserts.  

I Didn't Change My Workouts

I made zero changes to my workouts. What you see me do on social media and what my members see inside The Josie App is exactly what I stick to.

I don't do hardcore. My workouts are usually 10-20 minutes long, 4x week. I also squeeze in brief mini sessions of 3-5 minutes if I've been sitting around too long. 

That's it! That sums up everything I've done over the past 3 months and continue to do now.   

Got Questions? Use the free community inside The Josie AppIt's the perfect space for us to connect in a close-knit setting. I'll answer your questions and provide extra support. Let's chat over there!