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These are products I personally use and recommend. Decide if they're right for you. Scroll through to check everything out.

Native Path Collagen

NativePath is my collagen of choice. Get it at this link. NativePath is derived from free range, grass-fed bovine hides in the Amazon region. I steer clear of multi-sourced collagen from feed lot cattle, chicken and fish (marine collagen), as those are of lower quality and benefit. 

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Step Machine

Extremely pleased with this step machine. Reviews on step machines in general can be hard to filter through - the ratings fluctuate. I took a chance on this one and learned that you should only use the step machine for 15 minutes max, as the hydraulics may overheat or make noise. I haven't had those issues since I'm using the stepper properly. It's extremely effective - you'll definitely define your bum and legs, and experience a fat burn. Go for it!

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Walking Pad

I chose this walking pad because its simple, sleek and affordable. Great for small spaces. It slides under some sofas, or prop it against a wall. I can carry or slide it into position on the floor by myself. I could've gone with one that has handles, but I wanted something sleek and non-bulky with a lower price tag. Research walking pads to decide which one is right for you. 

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More To Love...

Castor Oil

Here’s the link to castor oil. And here's routine:

  • Evening use- After washing my face, massage around my eyes and, into eyebrows and hairline (nothing else added to the oil). Serum & moisturizer applied to the rest of my face.
  • Morning use: Straight out the shower, I massage my face as shown in the video. I do have gua stones but decided to use my knuckles today. I add in castor oil (2-3x week) to my favorite serums for my face. If wearing makeup that day, I don‚Äôt use castor oil, only my serums and moisturizer.
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Adjustable Ankle Weights

I use this 7-lb set of ankle weights. Each weight is adjustable from 1.1 lbs to 3.5 lbs. Strong velcro strap and soft material to make it wearing them very comfortable.

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Body Brushes

Go here for the full video on how it body brush and for what purposes. I prefer very firm brushes. If that's your preference as well, you may love my body brush set and/or my long body brush, and Ikea brush.   

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Resistance Bands

I'm very pleased with this brand of resistance bands. I use them several times per week. Based on my long history of using bands, if any band you are ever using shows signs of wear -- including holes, rips, etc -- then, for safety (so they don't snap into your face), it would be time to replace them. 

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Gua Sha Stones

If you're consistent with it, you most definitely will see results. I use this stone for my thighs and bum, and two different stones from my face: this one and also this one that comes with a face roller.   

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Migraine Relief Cap

My Migraine Relief Cap is very soft, stretchy and comfortable. Store it in the freezer, covered, until ready to use. When I use the cap I get relief within seconds. 

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Weighted Bars

The weighted bar set I use 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. Challenge yourself but never lift a weight so heavy that you can't keep good form. Take it slow and build your strength. 

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Leg Warmers

I have 5 pairs in various colors. Here's the link. They're great quality and you'll love the variety of different colors!

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Bakuchiol Serum

Bakuchiol is a plant based alternative to retinol. Retinol can be harsh and cause skin irritation. Bakuchiol is gentle yet has comparable results. Mix a few drops with your favorite serum or moisturizer and massage in.

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