3 Day Quick Fix Cleanse Masterclass: How how I lost 7 pounds in 3 days. 

Hi! I'm Josie. I've lost over 40 pounds in my weight loss journey, and my cleansing strategy has played a big part in that.  

In today's Masterclass you'll receive:

  1. Free video training with the basics of my cleansing weight loss strategies.
  2. Free access to the official power walk workout of the Quick Fix Cleanse.
  3. A special offer for the fully guided, no guesswork Quick Fix Cleanse Toolkit if you need more help to get started.  
What's in the Toolkit?

After you've watched the free video training and tried the official power walk workout, go ahead and grab the Toolkit if you need some extra help from Josie. 

This is my personal strategy for cleansing in a nutritious way to lose fat and water weight even faster. The toolkit provides over 20-pages of guidance that breaks down exactly how I do it all: full-detailed instructions, trackers, cheat sheets and recipes for you to easily structure your Cleanse to suit your preferences. Use these tools to reset, reinforce good eating habits, and lose weight faster. You can use the Toolkit over and over again, anytime you need it. 

Yup, I need the Toolkit

Here's Your Quick Fix Cleanse Video Training 

Learn how I lost 7 pounds in three days.  

Okay! Grab a pen a paper if you need to, It's time to learn the basics of cleansing for weight loss. This is my personal strategy to stop weight gain in its tracks and get the scale moving again.  Even if you've tried everything else, this can work for you.

I need the Toolkit for extra help.

The Official 3 Day Quick Fix Cleanse Power Walk Workout

This is a fun and easy workout to help you stay motivated and moving during your detox cleanse. Remember to stay well hydrated and always listen to your body so you have the safest and healthiest cleanse possible!