From No Health Insurance to Natural Health Empowered

natural health Aug 29, 2019

Start a business they said. It’ll be great they said.

Welp… okaaaay. But there’s also that little tidbit about no longer having the luxury and security of health care coverage from a corporate job.

When my husband, Matthew, decided to leave his job to become an entrepreneur, we knew health care would be an issue, but we were also hopeful that things would somehow work out. How? I don’t know, but it everything would be okay, right?

I still had health insurance through my own job, but we couldn’t afford to add Matthew to my plan. Doing so would increase the bill by an additional $375 per month. At that time, Matthew suffered from chronic sinusitis, and we soon ran out of our doctor’s generous favors of calling in prescriptions without actually seeing my hubby at the office.

Matthew was in bad shape pretty much all of the time now.  

He did some research (without me even knowing about it) and tried some homoeopathic remedies. He got a wee bit of relief, but I was still skeptical about homoeopathy (pills and tinctures) because it was expensive and I didn’t feel the level of relief was great enough. Matthew then tried some other natural alternatives for his major sinus issues: The NeillMed sinus rinse and Bromelain to control sinus inflammation.

What a difference that made! He wasn’t cured but the sinus rinse + bromelain combo was a huge factor in Matthew beginning to feel human again.

Around this same time, I became pregnant with kid #4 and experienced the worst sinus infection of my life (just picture thick green chunks of goo coming out of your nose). My doctor refused to give me an antibiotic. Instead? He told me to do the sinus rinse. I cried at the doctor’s that day and begged for an antibiotic, but his answer was a steadfast “no”. So I did the sinus rinse for 3 days, twice per day, and cured my infection. In 3 days! Holy shizzle, it worked!

These were the sparks that led to a lifestyle of natural health. I began to take the lead on researching natural cures and soon educated myself on how to treat ear and eye infections, fungal infections, colds and flu, and even the dreaded stomach flu, just to name a few.


Our family’s apocalyptic mindset (aka, “what would we do in this situation if there were no doctors around anywhere?”) caused us to amp up our research, learn even more over the years, and stock up on whatever is necessary in case a sh!t hits the fan scenario becomes real.

So here we are today — livin’ that self-sufficient, natural health life, baby!

We are in no way anti-doctor and yes, we are all vaccinated. Traditional medicine just doesn’t get a lot of our dollars because sickness to the point of a needing doctor's visit is a rarity in our home. The only time we go to the doc is for wellness checkups or if someone slips and cracks their head open (yesss, that has happened twice. Ugggggh!).

Yes, Matthew has health insurance now but, just like the rest of the family, it’s only used to cover wellness check-ups. We are knocking on wood and thank God for Natural Health!


As you explore the Natural Health section and learn some good stuff, make sure you teach it to your children. Now that our oldest is all grown up and has a child of her own, she’s natural health protocols in her own household. It’s so important to spread this wealth of knowledge so be sure to pass it on!